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TRANSLIT is a modern, fast growing and customer oriented company specialising in translation, interpretation and corporate services, including:


- Certified Translation of Documents and Sworn Translations (Certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, Apostille etc.)

- Interpreting Services (Simultaneous, Consecutive and Phone)

- Written Translation of Text (Medical, Legal, Technical, Literary etc.)

- Company Registration, Business Set-up and Secretarial Services.

- Accountancy and Bookkeeping.

- Software Localisation and Multi-lingual Websites.

- Business Consultancy and Legal Services.

- Copyrighting, Proofreading, Spelling and Grammar Correction.

- DTP (Desktop Publishing) and Typesetting.

- Audio and Video Voice-over, Sound Recording, Subtitles

- English Courses, Translator and Interpreter Training.

- CVs, Cover Letters and Business Correspondence.

- Driving Theory Test in your language.

Translation and Localisation

The number one service of the company is Translation, which takes any form and size: from translating a single document for an individual’s personal needs to converting complex software into a multilingual solution for a corporate client. We use modern technologies and tools to monitor the translation process and perform regular quality control checks.


Interpreting and Voiceover

There are many types of Interpreting: consecutive, simultaneous, phone etc. Consecutive is the most popular one in Ireland, where a person says short phrases and the interpreter translates them into a different language.

The company can supply interpreters and audio equipment for all kinds of events: public speaking, conferences, interviews, presentations, and more. We work with recording studios, sound engineers, DJs, and radio presenters, which allows us to produce voiceovers of even better quality than the original.


Company Formation and Business Services

The last but not least main focus of the company is Business Services. It is a broad term by which we try to cover many aspects of a successful business: start up, consultation, branding, mentoring, accounting and bookkeeping, offline and online marketing and more.

We can help get you off the ground or promote your existing business.

Two words can describe us: Speed & Quality. TRANSLIT is registered Tax Agent with Revenue, approved by CRO and the Department of Justice to as a Trust & Company Service Provider.


TRANSLIT operates from two locations in Ireland:

Main office: First floor, 7 South Mall, Cork

Branch office: First floor, 18 Mallow Street, Limerick

Tel: +353876154448 / +353857507150

Web: http://www.translit.ie/ 

Email: info@translit.ie





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